Main package to use in order to interact with SDK


A4S.Callback<T> Callback used to return an operation result asynchronously 
A4S.MessageCallback Callback used to return an Inbox Message asynchronously 
A4SIdsProvider Interface that you can use in order to dynamically provide partnerId and privateKey to Ad4Push SDK
This can be useful for instance if you need to retrieve partnerId/privateKey from your own server
This interface must return as fast as possible, so never do any long running operations in this provider

Remove meta-data com.ad4screen.partnerid and com.ad4screen.privatekey from your manifest
and add the following meta data to A4SService tag :
 	android:value="your.package.MyA4SIdsProvider" />

Please note that if your provider return null values, SDK will not start and will retry to get a partner id/private key by calling your provider every 10 sec
Message.onIconDownloadedListener Return bitmap associated with this image as soon as the image of this Message is downloaded on this Device. 


A4S Root class presenting Ad4Screen SDK functionalities. 
A4SApplication Eases use of Application in cunjunction with Ad4Screen SDK. 
A4SIDFVHandler BroadcastReceiver used to retrieve custom A4S IDFV. 
A4SService Service launched by Ad4Push SDK. 
A4SWebView A4S Webview
Use it to track any webview with SDK
Optionally : You can specify your own script url by adding the following meta-data inside A4SService
 	android:value="" />
Constants Various global SDK constants 
FacebookReceiver BroadcastReceiver used by SDK to retrieve Facebook Token and be able to link events to a facebook session. 
GCMHandler BroadcastReceiver used by SDK to retrieve GCM Token and handle GCM Message. 
InApp InApp
Class used by some SDK callbacks (setInAppReadyCallback, setInAppClickedCallback, setInAppDisplayedCallback)
You can retrieve id, template and customs parameters (can be null) 
Inbox This inbox contains all messages requested by a developer for one or more users. 
Log A4S SDK central logging facility. 
Message Inbox Message
Please see : Using Inbox in order to use it correctly 
Message.Button Inbox Message Button
Please see : Using Inbox in order to use it correctly 
ReferrerHandler Broadcast Receiver used in order to send referrer informations to servers. 
StaticList This StaticList object can be used in order to subscribe/unsubscribe
and get the subscription status of a user/device to a list. 


Message.MessageContentType Content Type of this Message.